Microsoft Windows 7

Windows 7Microsft Windows 7, release for to manufacturing on 22nd July 2009, and public retail on 22nd October 2009 is the latest Operating System offering from Microsft. Its aim to be used on personal computers across the home and in all business regardless of size. Its design easily caters for desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablet pcs and even the less commonly adopted Media Center PCs.

Microsoft has introduced a vast number of new features in this release, unlike its predessor Windows Vista (x86/64bit), and has been designed to allow users simple portability from earlier versions of the OS to ensure minimal disruption to you environment, whether it be for the home or your business.
Microsoft Communications in 2008 focused key enhancements based around multi-touch, a redesigned Windows Shell with a new taskbar (the "Superbar"), whilst ensuring synergy with previous versions of windows, thus ensuring minimal traing is required, a home networking system called HomeGroup previously known as "Workgroup" and most importantly a significant performance improvement from Windows XP and Vista.
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