Web Development

Imadz will take every step to understand the key requirements of your need to build an effective website. Where necessary, Imadz will discuss and suggest various options before embarking on a build. Imadz will make every endeavour to assist you in portraying the key attributes of your company as the internet has become a critical medium for company’s growth and success.

Expedition Africa

Expedition Africa was developed on the back of a dream of a local mechanic and well-established business man.


The Satpanth Ismaili Muslims of South Asia have a beautiful tradition of religious poetry called "Ginans", which they have sung for many centuries in daily rituals. This small Shi'a community has spread form India to other contintents, but it has held fast to the practice of singing Ginans.

Prof-IT Accountancy

Established in 1981, Prof-It accountancy has been specialising in contractor accounting for over ten years.

Until March 2007, their partners operated a highly successful umbrella company, but new rules introduced by Revenue and Customs on 5th April 2007, made operating in such a capacity redundant.

Atlantis Textiles Limited

Atlantis Textiles are Manufacturers, Importers and Distributors of socks, gloves, hats and scarves throughout the UK and Europe.

Established in 1986, Atlantis Textiles are a family run business that is always aspiring for customer satisfaction, with competitive prices, high quality products, efficiency and professionalism.